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Chamfering Machines

Either single- or double-end chamfer machines are available for end finishing requirements on cut tube or bar stock.

Many times, material is cut using a process such as sawing or punching, which requires the cut part to be deburred or chamfered on one or both ends.

The chamfering operation may be required for just removal of the burr
or to machine an actual specified chamfer on the OD and ID of the part.

Chamfering machines may be loaded directly from the cutoff source or magazine-loaded by hand. Machines can be equipped with a single head for finishing one end or a double head for machining both ends.

Chamfering is done by holding the piece in a stationary position and introducing the rotating cutter to the work piece.

Additional applications well-suited for chamfering machines are forgings or castings that must be machined or deburred on one or both ends.

In addition, the chamfer machine is also capable of machining operations such as turning, drilling, facing and tapping.

Chamfering machines are often the right choice when existing cutoff operations can't produce the needed end finish.