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Pipe, Tube & Bar Processing Machines

Made in the USA Under ISO 9000 for Quality You Can Trust

Bardons & Oliver’s standard, specialty and hybrid systems include a full array of pipe, tube and bar processing machines that will meet the demanding needs of your industry and applications.


 pipe tube bar processing machines


Our wide-ranging product lines include:

  • Rotating head cutoff machines that cut off, chamfer, counterbore, bevel O.D. steps or shoulders and perform “J” groves for tubular stock
  • Automatic cutoff lathes that chamfer, form, groove and cutoff tubing and bar stock
  • CNC turning machines and CNC threading systems that bring our engineered solutions into the finishing sector along with automation capabilities to reduce your production costs and floor-to-floor time
  • TBC automatic lathes that load tube or bar stock, turn, bore, cut off then unload in one fully automated step.
  • Chamfer end finishing machines that chamfer, face, center drill, turn, bore, thread and perform other operations on bar stock and tubing
  • Machine rebuilds, retrofits & major maintenance to add years to your capital equipment.

Our customized Machine Tools feature many configurations and options designed and specified to improve your manufacturing capabilities.



Bardons & Oliver’s durable Machine Tools stand the test of time. In fact, many of our customers’ solutions have been in operation more than 60 years and are still going strong.

We will work with you start-to-finish to do more than just build machines for your applications. Our engineers will review your drawings, help develop your specifications and even recommend opportunities for design improvements or add-ons that can increase efficiency in your production.

When you count on quality and reliability, depend on Bardons & Oliver’s Machine Tool solutions. Our exceptional standards show in our ISO 9001:2008 with Design certification.


Trust Bardons & Oliver’s products and services for your engineered solution.

We work with you start-to-finish to improve your manufacturing process and make your business more efficient.