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Rotating Head (or Rotary Head) Tube Cutoff Machines: The Best Method

There are several different types of tube cutoff machines available. Tubes can be parted to length by roller cutter or carbide blade cutoff.

The roller cutter is generally used for thin wall tubing, where a square end finish is not required. Roller cutting slightly deforms the cut end due to pushing the metal rather than cutting it.

Tube cutoff machines featuring carbide blades are generally
accepted where a smoothly finished, square end is required.

There are two types of blade cutoff machines available. The first
is a machine where the cutting head is stationary and the material
rotates. The second involves rotating the cutting head while the
material is stationary.

A machine that rotates the material is generally referred to as a "cutoff lathe".

A machine that rotates the cutting head and tools, while keeping the raw material stationary, is generally referred to as a "rotating head cutoff machine", or a rotary head cutoff machine.

Because rotating head tube cutoff machines offer the advantage
of not rotating the material, tube straightness is not a concern.
Also, OD and ID chamfering may be done on both ends of the
cutoff part as it is held stationary. This eliminates additional part
handling or a second operation, helping to control customers' costs.

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