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About Us

An Engineering Powerhouse Built for You

With a laser focus on the total customer experience, Bardons & Oliver’s two major business lines, Machine Tool Building and Contract Machining, develop, build and contract innovative engineered solutions for customer applications across many industries. Our products are all USA made and we proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 with Design certification.



An employee-owned company (ESOP), Bardons & Oliver employs a fully trained staff skilled employee-owners. Experts include mechanical and electrical engineers, assembly technicians and machinists with an average of 15 years of experience. The experience level, combined with today’s technology, gives Bardons & Oliver a unique capacity to develop specific customized machine, machining and software solutions.

Headquartered in Northeast Ohio, the company’s 100,000-square-foot facility is home to the employees, equipment, processes and innovation used to identify, address and deliver Machine Tools and Contract Machining unlike any other.

A complete dedication to finding the right product and service has been finely tuned over the more than 125 years Bardons & Oliver has been building lasting customer relationships—locally, nationally and internationally.



Machine Tool Builders

Doing much more than just building machines to process parts, Bardons & Oliver takes a systems approach to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and decrease bottom-line costs through engineered solutions. These solutions include standard, specialty and hybrid systems to optimize your manufacturing processes. Innovators in processing bar and tube stock, Bardons & Oliver delivers standard or custom engineered Machine Tool solutions that minimize material handling, eliminate inventory and increase productivity.

The machines perform simultaneous operations, saving setup and processing parts in the fewest possible number of steps. If you need a machine for cutoff, cutoff and finishing, turning, boring, facing, or threading, Bardons & Oliver engineered solutions offer exactly what you need to meet your manufacturing challenges. If you need a machine rebuilt or retrofitted, Bardons & Oliver’s skilled builders will make your machine new again.



Large Part, Precision Contract Machining

Whether you’re at capacity overload, lack proper equipment or outsourcing just makes the most sense for your business, Bardons & Oliver Contract Machining provides quality machining—a broad range of large and medium sized horizontal and vertical CNC milling, turning and boring and a variety of additional services to complement your manufacturing processes.

With a full range of machine sizes available, we will match your part to the most effective machine for the job.  With our large machines, we can handle your part machining up to 20,000 lbs. and 120”/78”/60” in X, Y, and Z. Our Contract Machining works with a wide range of commercially available raw materials in a variety of material conditions such as hot rolled, forged, cast and fabricated.

With just one purchase order, your Contract Machining needs are met with a full-service experience to handle every aspect of your job. Our Contract Machining services include:

  • Sourcing raw material
  • Machining parts
  • Heat treating
  • Coatings
  • Assembly
  • Full inspection/verification (using CNC CMMs)
  • Part identification
  • Packaging

Your painting, grinding, inspection, verification and other needs can also be met. As an added value, Bardons & Oliver engineers will also evaluate your drawings and parts designs to provide suggestions for optimal manufacturing efficiency.


When you need expertise, experience and prefer a fully engineered result, our Machine Tool and Contract Machining professionals are ready to assist.

Bardons & Oliver Machine Shop Team Members

With the power and expertise of employee-owners,

Bardons & Oliver puts you in direct contact with the knowledge and skill to solve your most complex machine challenges.