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Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Systems

Transform Steel Tubing into Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes

When your job requires converting full-length 1026-DOM or other steel tubing into finished hydraulic cylinder tubes and efficiency matters, you want a Bardons & Oliver 2-axis tube system. These systems do exactly what you need in one fully automated step. The automatic loader will handle lengths up to 40 feet long.  




The 2-axis hydraulic cylinder tube systems:

  • Handle diameters from 1.125" to 12"
  • Typically process incoming tubes 24' to 32' in length
  • Process welded, tie-rod and telescoping cylinder tubes

The finished machining configurations meet any application and include I.D. threads on one end, O.D. threads on one or both ends, chamfer weld preps, J-groove weld preps, I.D. and O.D. snap ring grooves, lock-wire grooves, port holes of any configuration, bleeder holes and manifold porting.

Port, bleeder and manifold ports:

  • Typically range from 0.06" to 1.5"
  • Can be located anywhere along the length of the cylinder tube and in any radial location


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