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4-Axis Sub-Spindle Lathes

Delivering Heavy Cuts and Precision Tolerances

Complex turning and processing requires a machine that can take the heat. The Bardons & Oliver 4-axis sub-spindle lathes are engineered for flexibility and durability. Our heavy-duty column-style 4-axis sub-spindle design includes the ability to process complex bar and tube components with no diameter, weight or length limitations.



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Sub Spindle 4 Axis Twin Turret Column Style Turning Center


The flexible 12- and 15-station turret and tooling systems are made for taking heavy cuts while holding precision tolerances. Standard collet chuck sizes for these machines range from 3" to 6.5".

Our 4-axis sub-spindle system offers unparalleled quality to produce the parts your application requires. It features:

  • Heavier machine bases
  • Bigger spindle bores
  • Higher spindles
  • Live tool horsepower
  • More rugged turrets
  • Larger cutting tools

When combined Bardons & Oliver’s automatic bar feed and Bardons & Oliver’s finished part unloader, the sub-spindle system can produce finished parts from full-length raw material in one fully automatic operation, including parts with complex machining on both ends. Finished part lengths can range from 6" to 30 feet long.

Bardons & Oliver has more than a century of machine tool expertise.

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