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Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod Systems

Transform Chrome-Plated Steel Bar into Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rods

If you need full-length chrome-plated steel bar converted into finished hydraulic cylinder piston rods in one fully automatic operation, Bardons & Oliver CNC piston rod systems deliver. Respond to customer requirements in hours, not days. Quick system setup will make multiple parts runs in one eight-hour shift the standard for your daily routine. As an added benefit, hollow-bar (chrome-plated tubing) and “nitrobar” are also processed on these systems.


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The piston rod systems:
  • Handle chrome bar diameters from 0.75" to 6.5"
  • Accommodate typical incoming bars 24' to 30' in length
  • Can machine chrome bars in soft-case or induction-hardened conditions
  • The B&O automatic part unloader will handle finished rod lengths from 6 inches to 28 feet

Finished rod machining in the most complex configurations to meet. Your machining needs include:

  • O.D. threads on one or both ends
  • Female threads on the leading end
  • Conventional weld preps
  • Friction weld preps
  • O.D. grooves
  • Cross-pin holes
  • Wrench flats
  • Manifold porting
  • Cushion porting


CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO of 2-axis system


CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO of 4-axis system



 Each of the above configurations can be part of the same one-step automatic manufacturing process. These features can be added to the rod in a matter of seconds with no additional handling or operator intervention.  

All surfaces that touch the bar, except for the full wrap collet pads are covered with nylon or Delrin® materials to protect the bar. Scrap resulting from nicks or dings occurring from parts moving through the shop will be eliminated with a Bardons & Oliver system.  

Further improving your production efficiency, the Bardons & Oliver automatic part unloader can perform as an element of your system, handling finished rod lengths from 6" to 28 feet long. Your team will maximize your response to customers.


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