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The Importance and Advantages of ISO 9000 Certification

Aug 31, 2018 4:06:10 PM / by Cedric Ridgeway

ISO 9000 provides a solid structure for managing processes within an organization.  The importance lies in the benefits of implementation:

  • Consistency in the provision of products and services that meet customer requirements
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Assessment of risks to the organization and customer
  • Assessment and verification of the organization’s requirements and processes
  • Identification of opportunities to improve overall performance of the organization


Some key advantages of certification are:

  • Third party monitoring of the organization’s execution of processes, ability to meet requirements, and progress toward performance goals
  • Continual, incremental improvement in overall business performance
  • Customers familiar with ISO 9000 know the requirements for compliance, giving them confidence in a supplier’s ability to meet specifications

Topics: Contract Machining, CMM, job shops, gage calibration

Cedric Ridgeway

Written by Cedric Ridgeway