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Jul 9, 2020 3:13:11 PM / by Travis Miller

There are many factors which can lead to change, growth, and learning opportunities: most of us can safely say we did not see a global pandemic being a huge factor coming into the past 9 months. Yet, here we are, trying to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and each other safe while still attempting to fulfill our business obligations and deliver on due dates and promises made.

        Very few companies have gotten through the past several months without difficulties, hiccups, and adaptations. Rather than focusing entirely upon the challenges and the pangs of manufacturing during Covid-19, we want to focus on one of the positive discoveries Bardons and Oliver has come across and how we can apply it to our business partnerships both in the short term and going forward.

        Connecting with our clients and customers for machine demonstrations previously has required our customers to travel to us. Which means employees away from their families, airfare, rental cars, lodging, and all the other expenses that factor into business travel. Pandemic response forced us to adapt quickly, and technology not only allowed it to happen, but allowed us to open up customer options going forward which can reduce costs and limit stress on their employees.

        Bardons and Oliver recently completed a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) on a RH900 machine which will be delivered to an Australia based company. This entire test which would usually require 20+ hour flights for multiple people, and all the accommodations, was completed using Zoom meetings, streamed video via a YI Dome 1080p Security Camera, and some creative scheduling to work around time zone differences.

        2020 has lead individuals, and global companies, to reassess how we connect with each other. Technology has provided ample tools to help stay in touch safely across any distance and going forward presents new and exciting ways to evolve how we handle the logistics of a Run-Off on a machine for a customer more than 6000 miles away. By adapting the way, we think (through necessity or limitations), we will continue to drive cost savings while also being responsible partners during an unprecedented global challenge.



Travis Miller

Written by Travis Miller