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CNC Turning Machines

Engineered CNC Turning Machines to Cover Your Applications

When you need the precision of a CNC turning machine, choose an engineered solution from Bardons & Oliver. The product line includes 2-axis and 4-axis CNC turning machines for the precision and repeatability your application requires.


Our ISO 9001:2008 Design certified, USA-made line includes:

    • 2-axis big-bore lathes that can handle bar and tube applications from 1" thru 12" in diameter using advanced spindle system designs for the highest spindle speeds for the largest thru-hole capacities in the Machine Tool industry

    • 2-axis heavy-duty chuckers that use a unique column design for true 12-station interference-free tooling for rugged cutting applications on large chucker-style parts

    • Hydraulic Cylinder Systems include piston rod machines that convert full-length chrome plated steel bars into finished hydraulic cylinder piston rods and cylinder tube machines that convert full-length 1026-DOM steel tubing into finished hydraulic cylinder tubes in one fully-automatic operation

    • Pipe Threading Systems driven by an 80-HP spindle and heavy-duty twin turrets for 4-axis capability will handle your most challenging mill applications; this durable system will provide 20 years of reliable service

    • Conveyor Roller Systems will provide unmatched efficiency for your process by combining our RH Flex machine to cut off and bore your conveyor roller bodies and our sub-spindle machine to finish machine your conveyor shafts
  • 4-axis big-bore lathes that combine the advantages of two independent turrets with the proven column design to provide rugged, reliable, high-production machines

  • 4-axis sub-spindle lathes with standard collet chuck sizes ranging from 3” to 8” are capable of producing finished parts with complex machining on both ends in one fully-automatic operation

  • 4-axis center-drive lathes are configured to grip parts in the middle while complex machining is performed on both ends simultaneously without having to relocate the part for end-to-end true tolerances, allowing the most challenging specifications to be met

  • 4-axis disc lathes that allow both sides of a disk-shaped workpieces to be turned simultaneously while machining extremely thin-section discs without deflection or distortion

  • Slant bed lathes with massive, rigid beds and 80-HP or 125-HP spindle drives are known for their heavy metal removal capability and ability to hold tight tolerances, particularly on deep-hole boring

  • TBC automatic CNC lathes are ideal for efficiently handling large diameter tube and bar, performing a variety of functions such as turning, boring, threading and cutting

For greater efficiency on most Bardons & Oliver CNC turning machines, we design and implement loading and unloading systems, engineered to your exact requirements. As a certified FANUC robotics system integrator we similarly offer a full range of robotic and industrial automation solutions. Our CNC turning machines include the latest technology, making operations easier and faster with less material waste.

While a standard CNC turning machine may meet your needs, our engineers will work with you to review your production needs and specifications. We can make recommendations for improvements that help your production process and finished products. If additional equipment features are beneficial, we’ll discuss your options.

When precision and repeatability come together.

Bardons & Oliver’s CNC turning machines offer USA-made quality, reliability and a history of customer satisfaction.